Job Seekers

The Dakota Advantage for Candidates

Sometimes, being a smaller agency is a good thing. We have just as much access to job openings as the other guys, but we give our candidates the personal attention they deserve.


Payrolling is the process by which we pay our candidates. You will always get your paycheck… on time! Since 1993 when we first opened our doors we have never missed a paycheck.

Exceptional Screening

Dakota DesignStaff, Inc. uses a screening process that ensures our candidates are a great match for a specific job opening. Using a variety of methods we screen the candidate's resume, personal information, preferences and work history. Then we meet with each candidate for design portfolio review and talent assessment. Only following this stringent screening will a candidate be scheduled for a client interview.

Health Insurance

With our health insurance plan, we’ve got you covered, even if you are a temp. After 90 days of work, we offer health insurance plans to full time employees.

Additional Benefits and Taxes

Besides health insurance we also provide paid sick leave, paid holidays and paid vacation. And, you will never get stuck paying a tax bill at the end of the year. We treat our staff as W-2 wage earning employees and we cover payroll taxes and insurance for you.