About Dakota

Eric J. Wright  President

Eric has over 18 years of experience in Boston and New England firms in such capacities as Detailer / Designer, Job Captain and Project Manager. Eric’s extensive experience as a design professional in Boston firms, including Bergmeyer, Cubellis and Arrowstreet offers a unique service to clients in helping them achieve specific staffing goals as well as helping candidates with projected career goals.

Eric has provided pro-bono services to international clients for pre-design services that include a sustainable village resort on the island if Ille-Veche, Haiti. In 2006 Eric was recognized for his work on a local skyscraper design through the Common Boston / BSA competition. In 2009 Eric won an award in the national skyscraper competition from the Illinois Institute of Technology and Chicago Architecture Today for “Most Innovative Design Concept” through the Boston Architectural College.

Eric holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a Master Degree of Architecture from the Boston Architectural College.

John Donahoe, AIA  Founder

In 1993 John founded Dakota CAD Services and subsequently Dakota DesignStaff, Inc. with the goal of providing skilled architecture, engineering and construction staff specifically for the building and design profession. John holds a Bachelor Degree of Architecture from Washington State University and a Bachelor of Music Degree from the Berklee College of Music.